Modern technology and design meet old world craftsmanship with the BriarWorks brands of pipes. BriarWorks Classic, BriarWorks Bambino, and BriarWorks Signature lines all start as machine made pieces that are assembled and hand finished by a talented team of pipe finishers, with many years of pipe making experience between them.

This same approach is taken with the Moonshine Pipe Co. brand. Moonshine Pipe Co. was originally started by Jonathan Lavezzo in Virigina. Jonathan worked to develop a strong brand and design aesthetic and eventually partnered with BriarWorks to produce the XXX series pipes. That partnership produced a number of very popular shapes and finishes. Eventually, Jonathan decided to step away from pipes to focus on another love, fly fishing rods, leaving Moonshine Pipe Co. in the capable hands of BriarWorks. All Moonshine pipes are currently produced by BriarWorks' team of skilled pipe makers and are proudly made in Columbia, TN, USA.

BW Classic 2018 Shape Chart.jpg