The BriarWorks Signature line are serially produced/factory made pipes modeled after the signature handmade shapes from some of the world's most respected pipe makers. The first BriarWorks Signature, the Todd M. Johnson briar calabash, set a new bar for the creative possibilities available in a serial production/factory setting. Throughout 2015, the Signature line was expanded with a new and improved Mag-Top calabash and a number of other shapes designed by Todd. Spring 2016 brought another milestone to the brand with a shape designed by a pipe maker not associated with BriarWorks, the Adam Davidson Fig. Plans for more shapes and collaborations with noted pipe makers are in the works as BriarWorks continues to strive to make the best serially produced pipes in the world. Click on the images below to view the current line of BriarWorks Signature pipes.

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Todd M. Johnson Mag-Top Calabash

Todd M. Johnson Blowfish

Todd M. Johnson Teardrop

Todd M. Johnson Samurai Volcano

Todd M. Johnson Incubus

Adam Davidson Fig