BWHBS02 - BriarWorks Handmade Bill Shalosky Brown Blast Bent Apple w/ Black Ebonite Stem


Product Information

The lines of this Bent Apple from Bill Shalosky impart a distinct sense of momentum to the pipe. The sweeping bottom line terminates at the front of the bowl after dipping back in toward the rim with classic Bill Shalosky style. Pronounced ring grain is finished off in a rich, brown blast with a comfortable hand cut ebonite saddle stem.
BriarWorks Handmade pipes are one of a kind, fully handmade pipes with hand cut stems crafted by our talented artisans.
Length: 5.6 in. / 14.2 cm
Width: 1.6 in. / 4.1 cm
Height: 1.6 in. / 4.1 cm
Weight: 1.9 oz / 53.9 g
Chamber Diameter: .80 / 2.0 cm
Current Stock:
Width: 7.00
Height: 5.00
Depth: 3.00

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