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I went to Crema the first week they opened about ten years ago. Saying that around Nashville sounds like some sort of hipster Christopher Columbus brag since they are pretty much the best coffee shop in the city, but I promise I’m not trying to stake any claim here. I was driving through the newly transitioning Rolling Mill Hill area of downtown and saw the Crema sign. I stopped to check it out. I ordered my coffee and talked a bit with the barista, Rachel, who happens to be the owner along with her husband Ben. Instantly it became my new favorite place. They are great people, and over the last decade have honed in their craft, and have grown to be a very successful local business.

We are very proud to be a local business here, and we want to tell all of our friends about other things that we love in our city. Coffee seemed like a good place to start. We drink a lot of coffee at BriarWorks. There are lots of pipes to be made, and the caffeine definitely helps. Mostly, we just really like good coffee!
Crema has kindly allowed us to run a promotion with their wonderful product. We have chosen for you, a single origin from the Umurima Mikuba farm in the country of Burundi. This coffee is very good.
For the next week or until it's all gone, if you spend $100 or more on your order in our online store, you will receive a really sweet BriarWorks campfire mug and a 12-ounce bag of this coffee for free! We are getting a limited amount of this coffee so it will be restricted to one bag and mug per order. In order to give you maximum freshness, this coffee is not even going to be roasted until Monday. Orders will start shipping out on Tuesday morning.
In our opinion, a great cup of coffee and a pipe are what dreams are made of. Act quickly, and don’t miss out on this special deal.