A Nashville treasure, Hatch Show Print began as a small family owned print shop in 1879. Hatch Show became the go to print shop for events and concerts in Nashville, and as country music began to grow in popularity so did the demand for their unique take on design and printing. The bold color and typography employed by Hatch Show in their letterpress work quickly became a cornerstone of the country music aesthetic. As computers and software took over as the primary tools in the design world, Hatch Show continued to create beautiful letterpress posters the way they always have, and their work is as popular as ever. There are some things that can't be replicated on a computer. Hatch Show designer/printers select type and imagery from their large antique collection and arrange the designs by hand, ink them by hand, and run the presses by hand - one color at a time, one sheet at a time.

Classic Hatch Show Posters


Many of the folks at BriarWorks have been fans of Hatch Show for a long time and after some planning and a lot of excitement we had the opportunity to work with them to create a BriarWorks poster. We think it really captures the spirit of both BriarWorks and Hatch Show Print. Pete and I had a chance to watch the final stages of printing and were treated to a tour of the shop. Thanks to Amber and the rest of the crew at Hatch Show for the great work and inviting us over to see the process. Here are some in progress photos, a video, and the finished poster.


Through Thursday, September 21st, spend $90 or more on the BriarWorks online store and we'll send you one of the limited edition BriarWorks + Hatch Show Print posters free. (Limit one per order)

- Micah

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