Pipe makers Todd Johnson and Pete Prevost began a project to change the perception of what serially produced pipe manufacturing could be. That project evolved and grew into a full production pipe factory in Nashville, TN. Through hard work, ingenuity, and tenacity, BriarWorks is producing some of the finest pipes ever made in a serial production environment. Providing customers with an enjoyable experience via a beautiful, high quality product at an affordable price is the primary goal at BriarWorks. 

Leveraging a wealth of handmade pipe making and design experience, BriarWorks is establishing a new bar for quality in the pipe industry.

In 2018 BriarWorks moved to a larger production facility in Columbia, TN which includes a retail shop and lounge featuring a variety of pipes, pipe tobacco, and cigars.


The BriarWorks Team


BriarWorks President Pete Prevost and a team of skilled craftspeople execute the day to day operations of BriarWorks. Pete, Sam Adebayo, Emily Adebayo, Brad Emery, Bill Shalosky, and Micah Redmond are all involved in multiple phases of design, manufacturing, finishing, administration, marketing, and sales. Each member of the team brings a lot of experience and variety of skill sets to BriarWorks, including many years of handmade pipe making experience from Pete, Sam, Bill, and Micah.


Pete Prevost

President / Pipe Maker

Pete grew up in Bakersfield, CA and developed an early interest in music. That interest led to a career as a professional musician and a move to Nashville. Pete’s music career helped him develop friendships with a wide variety of people, including musician and pipe maker Jody Davis. Pete’s interest in pipes along with guidance from Jody and Todd Johnson, led to Pete becoming a highly skilled pipe maker. In 2012 Pete’s career took a decidedly pipe-centric focus, when Todd asked him to help start BriarWorks. Pete has been involved in every phase of development at BriarWorks, including design, production, and the daily responsibilities of running a business. In 2016, Pete was promoted to President of BriarWorks and now manages all of the day to day operations. When Pete isn’t working hard at BriarWorks he spends most of his time being a father and husband to his lovely family Melissa, Bennet, and Lawson. Somehow, he still finds time to make world-class handmade pipes and some excellent salsa verde.

More information about Pete and his work can be found at www.prevostpipes.com. Pete’s handmade pipes are also available from www.pipeshop.ru, www.scandpipes.com, and www.smokingpipes.com.


Sam Adebayo

Production Supervisor / Pipe Maker

Sam joined the BriarWorks team in March of 2015. Sam grew up and lived in Woodstock, IL before relocating to Nashville, TN to join BriarWorks. Sam is one of BriarWorks’ talented team of pipe makers and is involved in all aspects of production and finishing, both as a pipe maker and as Production Supervisor. Sam began making pipes like many other pipe makers, as a hobby, but that quickly developed into a more serious enterprise. Sam’s handmade pipes exhibit a strong sense of dynamism through his use of interesting colors, sinuous lines, and playful proportions. When Sam isn’t at the BriarWorks shop he enjoys making music, polishing his boot collection, and spending time with his wife Emily and their adorable son, Ayo.

More information about Sam and his work can be found at www.samadebayo.com. Sam’s handmade pipes are also available at www.scandpipes.com and www.smokingpipes.com.


Emily Adebayo

Pipe Finishing / Quality Control 

Emily joined the BriarWorks team in March of 2015, along with her husband Sam. Emily is originally from the Woodstock, IL area. After joining BriarWorks, she quickly became an invaluable part of the team, despite not having previous pipe making/finishing experience. Emily is involved in many aspects of BriarWorks’s operations, including finishing, quality control, customer service, social media, and keeping the rest of us in line. Emily balances all of her involvement in BriarWorks with the responsibilities of raising her super cute son, Ayo, and husband, Sam. Despite all those responsibilities she finds time for sewing, music, and the weighty burden of being a Chicago Bears fan.


Brad Emery

Sales / Customer Service

Brad isn’t a pipe maker (yet) but he is closing in on 25 years of experience in the tobacco business. In 1996, Brad went to work at UPtown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville during the resurgence of high end handmade pipes from the legendary Scandinavian makers as well as factory pipes from classic brands. Brad later managed over 1000 accounts across the US and internationally for Uptown’s parent company, Music City Marketing, a major pipe and tobacco distributor with exclusive distribution rights for several notable pipe factories and handmade pipe makers. At BriarWorks, Brad combines his past experience to handle wholesale distribution to our retail accounts as well as working in our cigar lounge. Much like everyone else at BriarWorks, Brad has an interest in all things music and is also a lifelong fan of the Browns, Braves and Bama! When Brad isn’t working around the shop, he enjoys spending time with his wife Jana and sons, Sam and Eli.


Micah Redmond

Pipe Maker / Admin / Customer Service

Originally from Jacksonville, FL, Micah joined the BriarWorks team in May of 2015 and is involved in pipe production and finishing, administration, graphic design, and customer service. Micah started making handmade pipes as a hobby in 2009 and after many years working in the white collar business world, made a career change from spreadsheets to sanding discs. Micah’s previous work experience helps round out the wide range of skill sets needed to run a business and manufacture pipes, making him a valuable asset to the BriarWorks team. Micah’s handmade pipes are influenced by American, Japanese, and Danish pipe making aesthetics with some modern and fun applications of proportion and color. When Micah isn’t at the BriarWorks shop working on pipes, he dabbles in music and art.

For more information about Micah and his work can be found at www.micahredmond.com. Micah’s handmade pipes are also available at www.smokingpipes.comwww.scandpipes.com, www.smokershaven.com, twofriendspipes.com, and patagoniapipes.com.


Bill Shalosky

Pipe Maker

Originally from Columbus OH, Bill joined the BriarWorks team in June of 2015 and is an integral part of the production and finishing team. Bill received a BFA from the Columbus College of Art and Design and his education and experience in a variety of fine arts disciplines, including woodturning and ceramics, have had a direct influence on his work as a pipe maker. Bill started making handmade pipes about ten years ago under his own name and for Chheda pipes, and has developed a style that makes most of his work recognizable from across the room. He also worked refurbishing and repairing countless estate pipes when he worked at Smokers’ Haven in Columbus. Bill has a wealth of pipe making experience and knowledge all of which is evident in the quality of his work. Bill is an avid fisherman, firearms enthusiast, self-described metalhead, and wearer of vests.

More information about Bill and his work can be found at www.billshalosky.com. Bill’s pipes are also available from www.blueroombriars.com and www.smokingpipes.com.